PT. Eltran Indonesia Is Subsidiary Company Of PT. LEN INDUSTRI (PERSERO) An Engineering, Procurement, And Construction Company For Railways Utility, Air Navigation System, Oil & Gas And Other Business

Perubahan Logo PT Eltran Indonesia

Dengan bangga kami Mengumumkan peluncuran logo dan perubahan
identitas perusahaan kami PT Eltran Indonesia sebagai bagian dari
penambahan dan /atau perluasan bidang usaha dari waktu ke waktu,dan juga
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Free markets in globalization will have a hard impact on business competition. It will be a challenge as well as opportunity in the business world. With all of our capabilities in human resources, professionalism, systems and supporting products that we offer will turn into solution. Supported by a variety of superior experience of each business line will add creativity in design and application, so it will create an integrated total solution. Eltran Indonesia has a high standars for Safety, Health and Environment in providing quality projects with the best technology and schedules to resolve client problem.


We love to showcase the work we have completed as we're always extremly proud of what we can and do achieve. Please browse through out recent project gallery and let us know what you think!.







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Perubahan Logo PT Eltran Indonesia

Telah tumbuh dan berkembang selama lebih dari 10 tahun dan kami merasa sudah waktunya untuk melakukan perubahan.kami telah menyegarkan logo kami untuk mencerminkan Visi dan misi kami sebagai perusahaan yang berkemampuan tinggi dalam memberikan solusi total dibidang sarana dan prasarana transportasi & energi.PT Eltran Indonesia memandang perlu untuk melakukan perubahan atas Logo yang disesuai kan dengan keadaaan saat ini dan target perusahaan di masa akan datang.perubahan logo ini diharapkan agar dapat menjadi suatu Corporate Identity yang baru sebagai salah satu pendorong kinerja PT Eltran Indonesia.

Health, Safety and Environment

STANDARD The organisation required the compliance of all company managed companies and joint ventures, with both national standards and the organisation’s own HSE objectives and standards, within a given timeframe. It further required that the management of environmental issues be compliant with the internationally recognised standard, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, SMK3 , and that compliance should be certified wherever practical OUR EXCELLENT all of the company’s activities were covered by HSE management systems and HSE cases, where relevant, and certified by ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, SMK3 HSE PERSONEL all HSE Personel has certified by BNSP/Ministry of Employment and Labor
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