Maintenance facility Stringer, Rerailing, Boogi Painting booth, Train Painting booth, Wheel & Axle Press, Special Tools, Bearing Remover, Bearing Assembler, Bearing Disassembler, Bearing Induction heater, Portable Fume Extractor, Battery Charger, Sand filling System. Work Stand Axle Store Stand, Bogie Frame Stand, Battery Work Table, Car-Body Stand, Heavy weight parts Rack, Wheelset storage rack, Movable Work Table, Tool Cabinet, Work Table, Train access ladder, Welding screen, Welding work table, Tool Stand, Access ladder for roof, Parts Storage Rack, CM Work table, Air conditioner , working table Mechanical Facility Vertical lathe, Under Floor Wheel Lathe, Universal Lathe, Vertical Milling Machine, Wheel Boring Machine, Exygen Cutting tools, Bench Grinder, Bench Drilling Machine, Argon Welder, Electric Welder. Testing Facility Ultrasonic Flow Detector, brake tester, Di-Electric Streng Tester, TCMS Tester, Static Inverter Tester, VVVF Inverter Tester, Air Conditionir tester, CM Tester, Boogie Loading Tester benches, Magnetic Flow Detector, Insulation Resistance tester, Measurement of Track & Wheel, Railways Wheel Profile Gauge, Torque Wrench, Air Cleaning Booth.

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